Currently more than 150,000 securities accounts are open and maintained at the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC within the framework of performing the depositary operations as a custodian. According to this index, the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC takes the 3rd place in the Custodians Ranking prepared by the Professional Association of Registrars and Depositaries.

Currently within the framework of maintenance of a share register, the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC maintains around 16,000 personal accounts of shareholders.

Main attention in the activities of the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC is paid to establishment of the effective compliance system. This compliance system includes:

  • inspection of the clients’ operations for compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian anti-money laundering legislation;
  • two-stage system of verification in the execution of debit customers instructions and admission of securities;
  • performing daily correspondence verifications of the data on the balance of the company’s internal accounting registers with the data obtained from higher depositaries;
  • considering complaints of customers and counterparties on the illegal actions of the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC's employees.

Being one of the largest depositaries of Ukraine, the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC pays major attention to reliability of its software. In collaboration with the IT company the specialists of the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC take active part in development and testing of the new software for automation of the custodian activities.

Currently the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC provides a full spectrum of the custodian and securities registrar services including the additional services for monitoring and provision of informational materials on changes in the current securities legislation of Ukraine and on corporate events of issuers as well as the preparation and conduct of general meetings of shareholders, organization of payment of dividends.

The experienced personnel represent the basis for successful depositary operations of the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC. Most of the certified employees have a more than 10-year experience of operating at the securities market of Ukraine.