UKRAINIAN ENERGETICAL REESTR CJSC (UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC) as a joint-stock company was established by enterprises of the energy sector of Ukraine in October 1996. After obtaining a corresponding permit from Securities and Stock Market State Commission, UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC started to operate as a registrar performing maintenance of share registers since February 1997. As of the beginning of 1997, 222 registrars operated in Ukraine.

For the purposes of improving of corporate management standards and expanding of the shareholders, in 1998 it was decided to reorganize the closed joint-stock company to an open joint-stock company.

UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC is the one of the founders of the Professional Association of Registrars and Depositaries (PARD) and an active member of this Association.

UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC has developed and is constantly improving its proprietary software for maintenance of share registers allowing maintaining up to one million of personal accounts of security holders, automatically maintaining all the required accounting registers and providing for good protection of information. The aforementioned software participated in the competition for specialized software for maintenance of registers, which was conducted by the Professional Association of Registrars and Depositaries jointly with the Securities and Stock Market State Commission of Ukraine, where it received the highest mark and a confirmation of the full compliance with the requirements of the securities legislation of Ukraine.

During the period of 14 years the UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC has been maintaining registers of joint-stock companies and investment funds including the power supplying companies (regional power distribution companies), power service enterprises, largest transportation enterprises, enterprises for manufacturing of transformers and machinery, insurance companies and banks.

During the whole period of operating as a registrar, the UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC acquired the reputation of a reliable and professional registrar, being convenient to work with for securities issuers and owners as well as the professional participants of the securities market.

Due to the changes of the requirements in the legislation of Ukraine in relation to the dematerialization of the securities, in 2010 the UKRENERGOREESTR CJSC decided to expand its activities at the securities market and change its form of incorporation from a joint-stock company to a limited liability company.

On October 01, 2010 the UKRENERGOREESTR LLC obtained the following licenses of the Securities and Stock Market State Commission for performance of professional activities at the securities market:

  • License for the depository activities of keeping register of registered securities owners (validity period: 01.10.2010 – 01.10.2015);
  • License for the depositary activities of the securities custodian (validity period: 01.10.2010 – 01.10.2015).